You Know You’re a ’50s Kid if You Grew Up Watching ‘Howdy Doody’

The 1950s were incredible years for American television. Several fantastic programs were available that would entertain the masses, no matter how old they were. Howdy Doody was on a classic that just about everyone enjoyed.

Airing from 1947 to 1960, the iconic kid’s television show was beloved by people everywhere. Though there’s nothing quite like it today, you can relive your youth with nostalgic clips of the hit show.

Kids these days don’t know that Howdy Doody laid the groundwork for many of the popular children’s programs today. There were a lot of firsts on the classic piece of entertainment history that is still used to this day.

Celebrity guests like Ron Howard would make appearances; there were fun games, entertaining quizzes, and wholesome life lessons. There’s something special about this 1950s classic that has us feeling like kids again.

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